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40% VOL

Karonis' Sertiko Ouzo contains 40% alcohol, is rich in spirit, balanced and has a "round" taste.

 It is a pleasure to drink with a little cold water or for those who prefer, some ice.

It has been considered Karonis' flagship product from the founding of the business up to the present day.

Available in bottles of :

0,05-0,2-0,35-0,7-1-2-5 litres.



44% VOL

Unique Ouzo, Special 100% spirit 44%% vol. alcohol. The soul of the spirit!

 Intense and rich aroma of star anise, with undertones of coriander and fennel.

Smooth and easy to drink, made in strict accordance to Yiannis Karonis recipe from 1869.

A "journey of taste" for Ouzo fans.


Available in bottles of:

0,2-0,7 litres



Karonis Distillery, Palamidi Castle Area, Nafplio 21100

e-mail: info@karonis.gr

Tel.: (0030) 2752 0 24968


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