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Distilling is a magical process requiring both patience and passion in order to get the desired results.

First we place the ingredients in the still. Ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin  (distilling alcohol), water and aromatic herbs. The aniseed, before use, is kept under ideal heat and humidity conditions in special sacks. This is where Ouzo gets its characteristic aroma and milky appearance. During the distillation process all of the ingredients simmer in the still at a particular temperature. The slower and less rushed the distilling process is done, so much better are the results. The vapours are filtered through a thin pipe to a second cylindrical utensil called a fridge where they are liquefied.

The product which is taken from this is clear distilled liquid. The liquid kept is the intermediate fraction of the distilling process, the heart, as it is known, where the head and tail (beginning and ending) are disposed with. The distilled liquid is kept in stainless steel reservoirs to mature and develop all its taste. After this it is mixed with excellent quality water rich in minerals and metals to make the perfect final result.










Karonis Distillery, Palamidi Castle Area, Nafplio 21100

e-mail: info@karonis.gr

Tel.: (0030) 2752 0 24968


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